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All You Should Know About Baseboard Installations

Besides being aesthetic, they also function as a way to hide the joint surfaces of walls. Like crown molding, they conceal the area where the walls meet the floor. They also prevent plaster walls from scratching or kicking by vacuum attachments and shoes.

When it comes to adding a new home, it can be very complex and time-consuming. Having the right professional to handle the project can make a huge difference in the quality of the work. Sacramento Handyman is a local expert in custom carpentry. One of the most important services Sacramento Handyman can provide is baseboard installation. It can help provide a more finished look to a room. If you consider adding a baseboard to your home, call us.

Types Of Baseboards

A baseboard is a type of trim that can help transition a room from its floor to its walls. Most floor moldings are only a few inches tall but provide a great finishing touch. Baseboards can be painted or unpainted and can be purchased in various colors and styles.

Step Baseboards

Most newer construction homes use step baseboards, typically 3 inches tall. They are complementary to the house and can help update the appearance of a room. Three-inch round or step baseboards are a great choice if you want something more budget-friendly.

Flat Baseboards

A flat baseboard is an economical choice for interior trim, as it can protect the walls from scratches and other damage. This floor molding has a flat front-facing board and a slightly curved back side. This type of floor can get used in any room, but it is best suited for utility rooms or high-traffic areas.

Sculpted Baseboards

One of the unique types of floor molding is a sculpted style, typically taller than other types. Due to the thickness of the molded wood, sculpted floor panels are more noticeable than their flat counterparts. Although they are more expensive, sculpted floor panels are also more stylish and unique.

The Installation Process

Installing a baseboard can be relatively quick and simple at Sacramento Handyman. We can cut each board to the exact size you need and apply them to any room of your choice. No job is too big or too small, as we can handle any project.

Sometimes, a damaged or missing piece of baseboard can lead to a situation where it needs to be replaced or repaired. As professionals, we can install a new piece of baseboard to make it look its best. Sacramento Handyman can also fix any damaged or missing baseboards.

We are highly experienced in custom carpentry, and we can help you with any project you need to complete. Give us a call today, and we can talk about your project.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Baseboard Installation

Besides the design and height, the cost of installing a new baseboard includes various factors such as site preparation and disposal. Understanding these details will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing a suitable and economical floor.

The Material And Style

Back in the day, all types of wood were used for making a new baseboard. However, due to the quality of the wood, its price has changed. All types of wood require finishing, such as painting or staining. Due to the increasing number of materials that are lighter in weight, the market has also changed. Although wood is still a traditional choice, other types of flooring such as plastic, foam, and wood can be used for making a new floor. The costs will vary depending on the type of floor that you choose.

With the various styles and materials used for making a new floor, you can easily create a customized look for your home. For instance, you can add a layer of glamour to a room by adding stacked profiles or square-edged boards attached to the joint. The more intricate and detailed the design, the higher the average cost of installing a new floor. This type of design can require additional material and lengthy installation times.

Scope And Project Size

Are you planning on adding or replacing all your baseboards in the home? For instance, if you want to make a new one, it might be a small room or a patch that needs to be filled in. A larger project will require more material and time to complete. For instance, to make a new corner look perfect, you must spend more time trimming and cutting the molding.

If you are planning on doing a single-room job, choosing the right type of molding for your area can be more expensive than a replacement in a larger area. On the other hand, it can be relatively inexpensive if you plan on making a simple installation. However, each step of the process will add to the cost.


The cost of installing a new floor is also related to the type of project that you are planning on. The proper skills and experience to install the molding are very important, especially since walls can be uneven and flat. Having an experienced installer will allow you to avoid potential cracks and gaps.

The proper skills and experience to install the molding are also very important, especially since walls can be uneven and flat. The right tools and materials will allow you to avoid potential cracks and gaps. Depending on the job’s complexity and the local market, the cost of installing a new floor can vary.

Debris Removal

The cost of installing new drywall can be divided into the following categories: labor cost and materials cost. The former includes the cleaning up of the project area and the disposal of the debris, while the latter includes the cost of removing the old molding.

In some municipalities, this debris can get thrown out with household trash, but only if the nails and screws are removed first. Large jobs can also get handled by renting a dumpster. The drywall has layers of lead paint, which can also add to the project’s cost. In addition, the lead paint can additionally be handled and disposed of in a way that prevents it from polluting the local water supply.


A baseboard can get finished in various ways to add a touch of class to a room. These include using a clear sealant to enhance the natural wood, applying a stain, or painting. The finishing process can take two steps depending on the materials used.

It’s generally easier to finish a baseboard before it’s installed, as long as the nails are still in place and the holes are filled. Doing so will allow you to smooth it after the work is completed. However, it’s important to note that you have the necessary skills to do it properly. Doing so will also prevent the appearance of an unprofessional paint job.


Although there is no rule book regarding the type of molding used on a baseboard, it’s generally a good idea to let your creativity run wild and add a touch of class to your space. For instance, using different shaped molding can create a unique and functional look.

Creating a line of wood-grain or colorful molding can add a touch of class to a room without overwhelming it. The cost of these customized projects can vary depending on the request. Before starting the work, the contractor and the customer must be clear about the desired outcome.

Besides being used for stylistic purposes, a well-designed and functional baseboard can conceal wires and cables required to deliver connectivity throughout the house. This customization can get done in various ways, such as by adding channels into the back of the molding. Depending on the options selected, the cost of this project can vary. However, this type of wire-free home can get achieved with minimal effort.